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Varsity Final Development Update and Announcement

Last time I posted about Varsity was over two months ago, when I discussed the game's Break Moves and discussed the game's then-soon Kickstarter release date. At the time, I had lofty goals for the game's art design, direction, and release. I was in talks with a publisher, and was feeling over the moon about the game's release. In the time since that post, a lot has happened in my life—good and bad—which has made me realize that this sort of grandiose planning is better saved for projects in the future. I'm a young adult, a fresh college graduate who's just started a new job, and I don't have the expendable capital or connections to do everything with Varsity that I would like to do at the moment. In particular, I worry that a failed Kickstarter for the game would discourage me from trying something like this again in the future.  That said, I am still very passionate about Varsity  and its mechanics. Besides, the game is finished! It's been heavily p