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Homebrew Souls Inspired Campaign Setting — XP is the Key (Literally!)

  Last time,  we developed the first three regions of our  Dark Souls/Shadow of the Colossus/Breath of the Wild  inspired "Cursed Kingdom" campaign setting, using the basic land types of  Magic the Gathering  as inspiration. Before I go on, I want to compile some of the lore and mechanics that I've written up for this campaign idea so that you can embark on the same journey as me in this strange, FromSoftware-inspired realm. If your character is named Albero, Euphemia, or Myoki, turn back now! Otherwise, let's dive into the world of the Cursed Kingdom. Here is the campaign's central conceit, as I see it: the players come from an outside world where magic and its affects are rarely seen. The long-abandoned "Cursed Kingdom," its true name long forgotten to most of the outside world, is said to be the last bastion of magical knowledge in the world. In the world of our character's backgrounds, the highest "level" that even the most potent and l

Crafting a Soulsborne inspired D&D Setting with the Magic the Gathering Color Wheel — Part 1: Plains, Forest, and Island

  A campaign idea that I’ve been perfecting for years since I first ran a few sessions of it, simply titled Cursed Kingdom , is finally going to see the light of day again and I couldn’t be more excited. The campaign’s premise involves a group of adventurers, each from a different kingdom from around the world (which the players created in as much detail as they wanted while making their characters) traveling to a secluded, ancient kingdom in search of its secrets. Rumors say that the kingdom holds whatever someone could want: panacea, supreme power, great wealth, immortality. The first time I ran the campaign, I flew mostly by the seat of my pants as I created the legendary kingdom piece by piece for each session. As our first session of the new campaign is this week, it looks like I will be doing that again to some degree. However, in this setting, the Cursed Kingdom is as much of a character as the players. Because of that, I want to get a good idea for at least what each of the reg